More, More, and More!

Posted January 12, 2010 by slippey50833
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Hey guys, this weekend, it’s going to be awesome! For me, I’m going to the Great Wolf Lodge (Water Park)! For you, I’m going to update every page I have, including the ”Cheats & Glitches” page. 😀 And Yes, this means that Ol’ Slippey50833 is coming back! I wont have time to post all the time though, but that’s why I have authors! I hope you look forward to this weekend, because I definitely am!


Club Penguin New Fun is on the Way!

Posted January 11, 2010 by slippey50833
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Guess what guys? I was really bored today so I went on the French Club Penguin under the membership section and saw ”Avalanche” so I went to my google page on and decoded the whole thing, and look what it says!

Prepare your self for an avalanche surprise!
Become and act as your favorite characters in Fairy Fables at the stage!
Create your own T-shirts in the penguin style catalog!
Decorate your igloo with new prehistoric items!

Awesome, huh? I can’t wait until all of it happens! Also, if they avalanche makes a new room it would fill up the TV in HQ. I found out about the new room an hour or two ago. ;), don’t ask me how I know, it’s a secret!

BTW, I have a feeling this all ties in with Mission 11, stay tuned at and for any other clues, secrets, hints, or cheats! (Please leave a comment!)


New Fire Ninja Move!

Posted December 30, 2009 by slippey50833
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Im just posting because I’m the first one to post this! Fire ninjas can do a special move! They shoot fire out of their flippers! Look!

Cool huh?


Kinda coming back…

Posted December 30, 2009 by slippey50833
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I realized I just needed a little break from CP, and then I wanted to go back on it. After I saw how sad everyone was. I’m going to be on CP for a little on each day, but I’ll still be on, because of my friends. But I will probably not continue this website. Sorry for all the drama I caused, If I do quit, It probably wont be this year. So, hope to cya on CP soon.


Happy Thanksgiving

Posted November 26, 2009 by slippey50833
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thanksgiving1 thanksgiving15 turkey


he didnt quit

Posted November 23, 2009 by digg1234
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slippey50833 did not uit clubpenguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is playing day after day still horay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My CP life has come to a end.

Posted November 2, 2009 by slippey50833
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It started when I was in 3rd grade, 2006 when I started playing Club Penguin. My penguins name was Millionman 4. After a while I got bored of CP and quit. When I came back, in December 2008, I totally forgot about Millionman 4. I forgot his username and password. Then I created Slippey50833, I have enjoyed every CP moment with my friends, especially with Mikey322, Funkytwins, Salty, and Chrisdog93. I have made many friends along the way, I have lost many friend along the way, but I still stood strong until now. I’m sorry to Mikey322 and Funkytwins, for you seem to be the most upset. I have enjoyed my CP blogging, even though it was a short time that I was blogging. When I first found out I could blog on wordpress, you should of seen how crazy and excited I was. Those were the good ol’ days. I have had many sad things in CP happen too. More than 50 of my best friends quit, but that’s not why I’m quitting. Why I’m quitting, every CP life has a start and a end, like Jeepkid7 mentioned, unfortunately this is my end. Although I may come back, it might take a long time. I would like to thank some ”Very Important People”.

Chrisdog93, Staly Vegas, Mikey322, all of Funkytwins, Jeepkid7, all my other friends on CP, and all my (If I have any) fans.

Once again, I am very sorry, but this time is serious. I will miss all of you, Goodbye.

No one will keep my penguin, and I wont delete this site.

Goodbye to all my fans and friends,


You’ll keep on waddling, waddling on,

And your times in Club Penguin will soon be done.

But although they are done, they are not gone,

For the memories, and the good times, still live on.

And as you remember them, you’ll remember the fun,

And the times that you spent, with old Bodge101.

And as you remember, you’ll know they’re not done!

And you’ll still be waddling, waddling on.