8zankoo8 (Goodbye)

Hey guys, I want to show you this awesome banner that my friend 8zankoo8 made:


Thanks so much!

(BTW, I am quitting. I already canceled my CP membership. I got interested in other things, and like to hang out with my new friends, this might be the last time I make a post. I might comment to answer questions or something if I have time. Cya.

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22 Comments on “8zankoo8 (Goodbye)”

  1. slippey50833 Says:

    I really appreciate the banner :D. Bye everybody. I’ll try to comment to answer questions or something if I have time.


  2. mikey322 Says:

    who will help me???? digg quit too.

  3. 8zankoo8 Says:


  4. 8zankoo8 Says:

    Well good bye slips but go to http://www.chimpbrad.blogspot.com and he will have a surprise 4 u and go to my site for a surprise

  5. 8zankoo8 Says:

    well just chimpbrads site he’s go it as well

  6. magno20 Says:

    i have added the banner of urs on my blog at 8zankoo8 made.

  7. magno20 Says:

    I have a new blog please follow it its.

  8. 8zankoo8 Says:

    Magno20 slippey quit he doesent listen or modarate his comments anymore :{ he was a really good friend but trust me we are going to quit blogging like in 1/2 years time.

  9. flubby123456 Says:

    I’m having an author contest at my site!
    If you’re interested, comment at this link: http://flubby123456.wordpress.com/2010/04/07/club-penguin-admin-contest/
    Waddle on,

  10. slippey50833 Says:

    5000 hits. 400 comments. 🙂

  11. Mikey322 Says:

    y do u care? you quit, remember? 😡

  12. slippey50833 Says:

    Wow, my site turned a year old last month.

  13. -CapnSkye- Says:

    Slippy, you still comment on your site? LOL. Sorry, thought it was kinda funny. lol. why do I keep saying that?

    • slippey50833 Says:

      only sometimes! 😉 BTW I commented on your site (aruainfo.wordpress.com/) when u have time reply.


  14. CapnSkye Says:

    Hey Slippey, IDK how often you check this but if you want to get up to date on what Ive been doing lately, go to my site (click my name) and comment. Than go to the forums and sign up and post around a bit.

  15. CapnSkye Says:

    Hey Slippey! R ur posts moderated, lol. Anyway, plz visit my site, and sign up for the forums(brixxonlineforums.freeforums.org) so we can chat. Its hard to do it on wordpress. Eisir on a forum.

  16. 8zankoo8 Says:

    Hi slippey i have quit my site now how are u enjoying the summer?

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