New Orange Puffle Coming Soon!

Hey, it’s Slippey, today I went to the box dimension (cause i was really bored) and about 10 minutes later I noticed a orange puffle popping out of one of the boxes! I only managed to get one picture though, look! (No Edit)

Lol, look at it’s face! I guess we’ll see more info. on the orange puffle later.


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6 Comments on “New Orange Puffle Coming Soon!”

  1. 8zankoo8 Says:

    Hiya Slippey long time no see god when was the last time i talked to you dude?please go on my site and comment and see the poll and vote its amazing and couple of months ago you had a completely different site you dont know how hard it was trying to find ur site see ya for now slips

  2. 8zankoo8 Says:

    Thanks for commenting do you want to meet up on pengocents chat and talk just type in google pengocent chat ai 1:00 and i will meet you there see you

  3. 8zankoo8 Says:

    Never ming about pengocents chat just wanted to say can on ur blogroll link 8zankoo8 to its just that i moved site and im sorry if u do not accept advertising on ur comments i just needed you go on the new one see ya for now

  4. Rheddy Says:

    Slippey!!! GUESS WHO!?! Its…… Rheddy! πŸ™‚
    Are you still my # i fan LOL?!? long time no see dude ur site is getting cooler! im never on anymore because ive been working on a real site like cp but way more ADVENTURE,PUZZLE,and lots of ACTION! Its called The Big Wide World Of Adventure or TBWWOA and its at weve got swf makers,designers,idea makers,u can join if u want but we have lots of pp, that can only make ideas. and ive tryed to reach you before but i didnt rember ur site but i just saw ur xat account so i used ur xat ID to get here! πŸ™‚
    (I bet u still kiss the ground I walk on lol)

  5. Rheddy Says:

    also ive been looking for new ppl so ill be on alot looking through ur comments lol!

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