Penguin Chat 3

Hey guys I found an awesome new game, and it’s kind of like Penguin Chat 3. You used to be able to play it at but unfortunately (as you can see) the website and game was shut down and sold to someone else.

It was actually a really cool game, you could even wear beta hats! Right when it was starting to get awesome they shut it down.


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12 Comments on “Penguin Chat 3”

  1. mikey322 Says:

    you were really a beta???

  2. mikey322 Says:

    no offense slippey, but i believe thats an edit

  3. mikey322 Says:


  4. slippey50833 Says:

    There’s been a lot of things happening in Club Penguin lately…:S

  5. Mikey322 Says:

    i will post them today

  6. mikey322 Says:

    m i grounded???


  7. mikey322 Says:


  8. maxbrader Says:

    that a fat edit!man

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