The Faces of Famous Penguins

Hey guys! Today Jeepkid7 made today #ShowYourFaceDay! I got some pictures of famous and random penguins (There is some very famous penguins, so look at all of them ;)!):


UPDATE: Stickers wanted his pic.  removed.


Picture 13


Picture 14


Picture 15

Salty (Staly Vegas)

Picture 16

Salty’s (Staly Vegas’s) Kitten

Picture 18

Jam (Jmann93)

Picture 17


Picture 19

If you guys don’t want me to put your pictures on my site you can tell me and I’ll remove them.


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10 Comments on “The Faces of Famous Penguins”

  1. bobsleynoah Says:

    hey slippey nice pictures from show yer face day!!

  2. Flobay Says:

    Hey Slippy!

    Havent herd from you in awhile and got worried! lolz

    Anyways, you didnt get my pic on here! HAHAHAHAH! lolz

  3. Stickers303 Says:

    Im there hehe!


  4. Stickers303 Says:

    Thanks. Im getting rid of all pix of me.


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